Evan Kaminsky


FHDW copy.jpg

Forest Hill Dog Walkers

Forest Hill Dog Walkers is a dog walking service that caters to a high-end client. 

The dog icon was designed to be both sophisticated and friendly. The dog perched atop the wordmark, which is intended to look like a pedestal, represents the care Forest Hill Dog Walkers gives to all their clients' pets.   

Line logo Blue.jpg

Paradise Poke

Paradise Poke is a Poke restaurant based in downtown Ottawa.

The circle icon is a simplified representation of the idea of "paradise in a bowl". The circle being a birds-eye view of the bowl and the still water and palm trees being the paradise. The font was chosen and modified to look like neon tube lights as they are a defining element in the restaurant's decor.  


Diamond Integrated Marketing

A Toronto based marketing agency that specializes in creating social experiences for their brands. The basic idea for the logo was to illustrate that Diamond's campaigns will get people talking.   


Sharp Magazine

Sharp is a men's lifestyle and fashion magazine. The custom font was created to be bold and masculine.



Le Petite Chef

Logo for a catering company that specializes in small events.  


Knave Of Valor

Logo for a woman's clothing line that takes its inspiration from vintage clothing.


Shauna Walton Design

Logo for a freelance interior designer. The client was simply looking for a monogram of her initials.